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Public Service Research Program

Research & Engaged Scholarship

Our research focuses on graduate education and professional development and on processes leading to changes within the university related to graduate education and outreach. We also evaluate the effectiveness of our programs on school-aged youth and undergraduate learning. We share our findings through publications and presentations at conferences and apply our recommendations to our own programs. We encourage and support engaged scholarship on the part of students, faculty, and staff at the university, in collaboration with partners from beyond academia.

Photo: Science & Policy

Engaged Scholarship

The University of California, Davis and California Campus Compact hosted a one-day colloquium in March 2008 to examine challenges and opportunities in transforming university civic engagement into engaged scholarship. Specific attention was given to research models, community partnerships, and institutional programs and policies that either do or could promote the bridging of university civic engagement and outreach practices with research. Colloquium speakers, panelists and participants discussed the building of a culture of ‘seamless’ engaged scholarship at research universities, the preparation of future leaders for engaged scholarly work, and the importance of scholarly engagement with communities. A poster and resource-sharing session featured examples of graduate student community work.

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Place-Based Studies

Place-based studies help us understand the relationship of people to their landscapes, and the potential effects of different approaches on the development of environmental stewardship. The work of the Bioregion Project aptly illustrates engaged scholarship. It brought together social and natural scientists, humanists, artists, educators, and a host of community members to work and play collaboratively in the region.

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Graduate Education & Professional Development

Environmental Learning

  • Youth environmental learning (conference posters & presentations)
  • Undergraduate learning - SEOP article