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Public Service Research Program

Translating Research beyond Academia

Graduate Student Seminar Series

The series consists of three separate seminars and associated clusters for more intensive and advanced applied work. For information or to sign up contact

Education and Community Outreach (fall 2011)

Facilitated by guest presenters, participants learn about the university outreach mission, engaged scholarship, and communicating with different audiences. They create an outreach plan related to their research or academic interest. Emphasis is on coordinating with a particular audience and developing strategies for project implementation and assessment. Reflection in and on practice is emphasized. Students may implement their outreach or broader impacts plans in subsequent quarters through joining the education and community outreach cluster.

Science Communication and Writing (winter 2012)

Participants learn from experts and develop and practice writing skills designed to concisely relay research to a lay audience. Students target specific audiences and develop brief publications (research release, profile, research brief, feature story, policy brief, etc.) and learn how to create their own internet blog portfolio. They may also practice using their own research topic and continue in subsequent quarters through joining the science communication cluster.

Communicating with Policy- and Decision-makers (spring 2012)

Participants learn from campus and regional experts in community processes, environmental management, political decision-making, and legislative analysis. Students prepare a policy brief related to their research and learn conceptual and practical approaches for sharing academic knowledge and research with community members, agency representatives, policy makers, elected officials, and members of the legislative branch. The role of sound science in environmental decision-making is emphasized.