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Public Service Research Program

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Community Talks & Events

  • ART and Nature of the BIOREGION

    CreekSpeak - Community Talks on the Putah Creek Watershed

  • CREEK SPEAK is an annual series of community talks on nature, art, science and culture in the Putah Creek watershed held monthly in the evening, May through October, in downtown Winters. Each talk runs approximately one hour from 7:00 to 8:00 pm with time for questions afterwards. The purpose of the Creek Speak series is to share knowledge about the natural and cultural resources of the Putah Creek watershed and to inspire audiences to actively explore the watershed we live in. Talks are interactive and engaging and include information about associated events. CreekSpeak Community Talks are sponsored by the UC Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment, Putah Creek Council, Putah Creek Discovery Corridor Cooperative, and City of Winters. All talks are free and open to all.

Summer/Fall 2011:

  • MAY 19:  Butterflies in the region--Art Shapiro (708 Railroad Ave, Winters)
  • JUNE 16: Jordan Romney: Fly fishing Putah Creek (708 Railroad Ave, Winters)
  • JULY 21: Talk about Winters Putah Creek Park Restoration--Chris Rose, Rich Marovich, John Anderson (708 Railroad Ave, Winters)
  • AUG 18: Soils of Putah Creek Dave Kelley (203 E 14th St, Davis)
  • Sept 15: Suzanne Easton, Paul Aigner, and Leslie Scott: Eticuera Creek Watershed Restoration: public/private collaboration (203 E 14th St, Davis)
  • OCT 20: Victoria Bevolden: History of native American in area (203 E 14th St, Davis)

    Summer/Fall 2010:

  • May 13: Rich Marovich: "Sediment: How Pleasants Creek Threatens Local Water Supplies"
  • June 10: Alex Palmerlee: "Bobcat Ranch: A Fusion of Ranching, Restoration, and Wildlife"
  • July 8: Melanie Truan: "How Putah Creek Wildlife Stacks Up: A look at 12 Years of Monitoring"
  • Aug 12: Mike McGraw: "Exotic Invasion: Why Some Plants and Animals Threaten Putah Creek"
  • Sept 9: Stephen McCord: "Putah Creek: A Major Source of Mercury to the Delta"
  • Oct 14: Paul Aigner: "The Upper Putah Creek Tributaries: A Creek's-Eye-View of Serpentine Ecology, Mining, and Restoration

Summer/Fall 2009:

  • May 14 Talk     Art of the Putah Creek Watershed, David Robertson, Photographer & UC Davis
  • May 16 Outing  Creating Art in the Watershed, Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve and various locations
  • June 11 Talk     Indoor and Outdoor Learning at Lake Solano Park, Park Ranger, Solano County Parks
  • June 13 Outing Enjoy National Outdoors Day exploring Lake Solano Park & other nearby sites
  •  July 9 Talk  Urban Runoff and Putah Creek. Loren Oki, UC Davis Plant Sciences      
  • July 11 Outing   Native Plants and Irrigation Practices at the Farm, Marion Adams, Center for Land-Based Learning
  • Aug 13 Talk      Putah Creek Fish Stories, Garrick Chang, Putah Creek Trout
  • Aug 15 Outing   Fishing the Creek, Lake Solano & Yolo County Fishing Access
  • Sept 10 Talk     Restoration Activities along Putah Creek, Chris Rose, California Audubon  
  • Sept 19 Outing  Coastal Cleanup Day; Sites along Putah Creek
  • Oct 8 Talk        Hiking the Putah Creek Watershed; Andrew Fulks, Yolo Hikers
  • Oct 10  Outing  Hiking the Upper Watershed: Andrew Fulks, Yolo Hikers

Summer/Fall 2008:

  • May 15 - Wildlife Friendly Farming - John Anderson, Hedgerow Farms
  • June 19 - A Poetry Reading on Native Americans of the Region and California - Jack Forbes, UC Davis Native American Studies
  • July 17 - Putah Creek Flyers: Tales from the Nestbox Trail - Melanie Truan, UC Davis Wildlife & Fisheries Museum
  • August 21 - Got Bugs? The spectacular invertebrates of Putah Creek - Ken Davis, Aquatic Biologist
  • September 18 - The Gift Where We Live: A One Act Play Highlighting Recreation and Exploration in Our Backyard - Jeff Falyn, Lyndsay Dawkins, and Nature’s Theater
  • October 16 - The Changing Fall with Native Plants - Michael Barbour, UC Davis Plant Ecologist


Summer/Fall 2007:

  • June 14 - Putah Creek Rocks!! - Dave Osleger, UC Davis Geologist
  • July 12 - Hydrology of Putah Creek - Eric Larsen, UC Davis Geomorphologist
  • August 9 - Farming in our Watershed - Craig McNamara, Local Walnut Grower
  • September 13 - Building Monticello Dam - Don Burbey, Solano Project Senior Supervisor, Solano Irrigation District
  • October 11 - Berryessa Valley: A History - Mike McGraw, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • November 8 - Return of the Salmon - Peter Moyle, UC Davis Fish Biologist


2007: Art and Nature in the Putah Creek Watershed

The Artists and Writers in Bioregional Residence Program at the UC Davis Donald and Sylvia McLaughlin Natural Reserve is scheduled for Spring 2008. During 2007, we encourage Art of Place at McLaughlin Reserve and Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve and elsewhere in the Putah and Cache Watersheds. In preparation for the McLaughlin event in 2008, McLaughlin Reserve's staff will be updating the administration building so that it also functions as an art gallery. An inventory of art will be conducted.

Those interested in public presentations and hikes at Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve or in joining the guide program, see last year's series on Exploring Art and Science within the Putah Creek Discovery Corridor. Sponsored by the UCD Natural Reserve System - JMIE, new events are planned yearly. Spring 2007 information for guide program, public presentations and hikes coming soon.

2006: Art and Nature at McLaughlin Reserve

A four day retreat in bioregional residence for artists and writers was held during spring break in March 2006. Six artists were invited to participate and create art inspired by the landscape of the UC Davis' Donald and Sylvia McLaughlin Natural Reserve. It was completely up to the artists how they took inspiration from the setting and chose to express that. The retreat, held at the Reserve, brought together new artists, former artists and writers in bioregional residents, several

UCD faculty and students, and members of the Reserve. The gathering led to nature explorations, artistic creations, and evening conversations in the Reserve headquarters. A sense of community developed. The retreat was followed by a public event in early May which was billed as an afternoon wilderness experience of Art and Nature in the Berryessa hinterlands. Highlights included exhibits, literary readings, and a guided nature and culture walk to view art in the landscape. It was a beautiful spring day and most of the visitors came from the Clear Lake area.

The artists and writers participating in the Putah Cache Bioregion Project's 2006 Artists in Bioregional Residence Program were Marie-Therese Brown (Davis), Jack Fulton (San Rafael), Ilya Noe (Davis), Marc Pandone (Lake Berryessa), Michael Sykes (Cedarville), and Karen Turcotte (Mt. Cobb). They were joined by UC Davis faculty artists and Artists in BioRegional Residence from past years.

The event was sponsored by PSRP, the Putah Cache Bioregion Project, McLaughlin Reserve, and the John Muir Institute of the Environment. The McLaughlin Reserve, also part of the University of California's Natural Reserve System, is located approximately 13 miles east of Lower Lake in Lake County.