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Public Service Research Program

Photo: Creek walk along Ulatis Creek winds through downtown Vacaville

Creek walk along Ulatis Creek winds through downtown Vacaville

Our Creek - Our Downtown

In this project, we work with community members of Vacaville, Solano County who are interested in the health of their creeks. Key issues are stormwater runoff, impaired water quality, and disturbed habitat. Our focus is Ulatis Creek as it winds through the urban heart of Vacaville. The City built a creek walk along the banks of the creek in the downtown area. The creek walk and adjacent downtown park are used for ongoing summer festivals and events, appropriately named "CreekWalk". However, since winter 2006, when part of the walkway was destroyed by the storms, portions of the walkway are still closed. Nonetheless, the creek shares a rich and dynamic history with its neighboring human inhabitants in past and present times. We hope to positively affect its future.

Project Challenge/Research Question: How to facilitate community engagement in and advocacy for the health of their creek and its role in the vitality of the City?

Liaison: Stacey Ellis, Geography, Masters program.

Site: Vacaville, Solano County, Ulatis Creek

Partners: City of Vacaville Depts of Public Works & Community Services; UC Cooperative Extension; "CreekWalk", Vacaville Museum, and others.

Associated Projects/Research: UCD fish studies (Peter Moyle)

Project Time Line: 2006-2007

Funding: UC Davis