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Public Service Research Program

Photo: Students created a poster to share their findings

From a Former Mining Town to a Sustainable Community?

The former mining town of Beatty, Nevada is in transition. It is located in Nevada near Death Valley National Park, and about 150 miles north of Las Vegas. New development threatens its rural character. However, the town needs economic development to survive. Could the town be the gateway community to Death Valley? It has unique habitats nearby and the Amargosa toad is an endemic and sensitive species. There are environmental constraints to development. Eco-tourism is a possibility that could lead to economic development and preserve the ecological values of the desert landscape. In the meantime, the town is designing a master plan, and community involvement is needed to create a plan that reflects all views.

Project Challenge/Research Questions: How can the town find a way to make economic development compatible with species preservation?

Liaison: Denise Jones, Community Development Graduate Group, Ms program. Denise has previously studied at the University of Nevada, Reno where she conducted her masters thesis research in biology on the Amargosa Toad. Denise is interested in helping the townspeople of Beatty envision a sustainable future for their community that combines economic development with eco-tourism and species preservation.

Site: Beatty, Nye County, Nevada

Partners: Chamber of Commerce, members of the habitat committee, and others

Associated Projects/Research: none

Project Time Line: Fall 2006

Funding: Partial funding from UC Davis