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Public Service Research Program

Photo: Community-Based Environmental Projects

Solution-oriented research and engagement address community issues.

ELP Community Partnership Projects

Developed through the Environmental Leaders Program, graduate student-driven projects link UC Davis graduate students with community members to address environmental issues and solve local environmental problems. Projects consist of collaborations among students, community members and groups, local city and agency partners, organizations and schools, and faculty and other university partners. The resulting collaborations develop leadership capacity and environmental and civic engagement skills.

Some projects link with university faculty research or research centers and facilitate graduate student PhD and Masters level research. Techniques for engaging with community members include research translation, public education, community science, and participatory research.

The service area is primarily central California, and most projects are in Solano, Yolo, and Sacramento Counties. New projects are identified through personal and institutional networks, faculty research connections, community partnerships, and through examining assets and needs of regional communities.

Natural Resources and Watersheds

Environmental Health - Environmental Justice

  • Parlier, Rural San Joaquin Valley
    Agricultural practices affect air quality and health
  • Mercury, Fish Consumption and Anglers - Sacramento River-Delta
  • Small Water Systems & Worker Perception of Potable Water - Northern CA

Place-based Identity and Land Use Change

Climate Change, Sustainability, and Energy

  • Reducing Yolo County's Carbon Footprint - Yolo County

Youth and the Environment